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Geospatial Technologies and Applications Training Workshop & User Conference
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As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, this year’s GIS Workshop has been postponed to next year July 2021. Be looking out for more information as the time approaches. Please, stay safe and healthy until we get the chance to meet again. Thank you.


Geospatial science combines technology, data, and people to answer questions about our natural and man-made world. Geographic Information System (GIS), and Remote Sensing broadly constitute the field of geospatial science. Today, geospatial technologies power millions of decisions in areas such as health, water, agriculture, weather and climate, energy, disasters, urbanization, transportation, crime, and security. Geospatial science is an exciting multidisciplinary field, with diverse applications and job opportunities. This training workshop will combine formal presentation with hands-on practical exercises, both designed to engage participants in active interaction with geospatial concepts, software, technologies, data, and real-world problems.

Attraction: The GIS training workshop will be climaxed with an GIS User Conference where participants will exhibit their problem-based projects, undertake poster presentations, network with experts, and a certificate of completion will be given to all participants upon completion of the GIS Workshop.

Geospatial User Conference

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, it is a great pleasure to welcome geospatial users, analyst, and developers to KNUST, Kumasi for the 2nd Geospatial User Conference. A forum to foster the progress in the field of science and technology of location data, through contributions from your expertise to what promises to be an exciting meeting of learning, networking and collaboration. The 2020 Geospatial User Conference is a three-day event which will be held jointly with the International Conference on Geography and Development (INCOGaD-2020) on 29-31 July, 2020 on the theme, “geospatial applications in development”. The meeting will host plenary speakers, keynote speakers, in addition to technical presentations and workshops, thus creating a platform for sharing, exchanging and exploring new avenues of Geospatial Science and Technology, and related research and latest developments. We hope that Geospatial User Conference-2020 serve as an innovative platform for creating new opportunities and establishing new collaborations.

Focus Areas

Modules [Nine (9)] - 2021

Important Dates

Registration Begins Registration Deadline Workshop Begins Workshop Ends
January 1, 2021 July 1, 2021 July 1, 2021 July 30, 2021

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Program Information

Overall Learning Objectives

On completion of this training program, participants are expected to:

Session Details

Session duration: 2.5hrs (1hr presentation, 1.5hr practical)

Meeting frequency: 3 times per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

Online learning management system: schoology (www.schoology.com)

Target Audience

Students, academics, scientists, social scientists, engineers, planners, architects, and professionals.

No prior experience in GIS, Remote Sensing or other locational technologies is required.

How to Register

Accommodation on KNUST Campus

Contact Details

Department of Geography & Rural Development KNUST, Kumasi, Ghana

Website: https://www.gistraining.ga

Email: gistrainknust@gmail.com

Phone: +233 24 203 5731

Facebook: @knustgisworkshop


UITS Computer Lab, Main Library, KNUST, Kumasi, Ghana.


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